Brammibal´s Donut Berlin

Ceramics to get your teeth into! Europe’s largest vegan donut bakery in Berlin where the counter is the appetizer.


In the beginning, the idea was definite. Introducing vegan donuts made exclusively from honest and sustainable ingredients to Berlin. Baked by hand every morning, much more as an alternative to the industrial fast food donut with its plastic packaging. Soon after, the young aspiring donut pioneer Brammibal’s was looking for an interior design for its first Berlin donut stores. Something that conveyed this message in the display.

As a fixed design element, the design team led by Stefan Flachsbarth placed a counter made from our SOAP wall ceramics at the point of sale. Youthful, real, like an oversized pink dollop of icing sitting in the center of the clear, straight-edged and minimalist room design, attracting everyone’s gaze. Thankfully no one has yet had the notion to bite into the ceramic beauty and lose a few teeth.