Bonechina Bar

Purist wall ceramics meets Frankfurt’s party scene. There couldn’t be more of a contrast.


Bonechina in Frankfurt’s Alt-Sachsenhausen is not a normal bar. For one thing, unlike the classic bar design, it doesn’t have a counter and is completely open plan. For another thing, ABERJA designer Robin Heather, contracted by the Lindenberg Group, immersed the room from head to toe in a multidimensional, dark blue ceramic attire which was developed especially for this project. The birth of our faces RAUTEBLAU.

The so-called Frankfurt tile is the characteristic design element of this special bar. Everywhere you look, reflections glitter and sparkle on the symmetrically and asymmetrically inclined tile surfaces. The wall and pattern seem different from every perspective. Along with the warm pear wood flooring and materials, it creates a marvelous interplay of contrast and symmetry.

Here, the geometric diamond shape runs through the entire room design like a dark blue thread: on walls, niches, inlets, even on the acoustic panels on the ceiling.

Surrounded by modern chic, the Frankfurt tile has actually created an elephant. A ceramic work of art, created during cooperation between the sculptor, designer and manufacturer. First, ABERJA supplied the digital draft. With creative craftsmanship, sculptor Mark Rammelmüller then took on the intricate construction of the elephant’s head which was finally fired and glazed in Rehau.

This gin and tonic-dispensing origami elephant is the emblem of Bonechina and replacement for the classic barkeeper that you look for in vain. Contrasts and clichés between the size of the elephant and the fragile nature of porcelain resonate through every corner of the almost monochrome space.