Direktorenhaus Berlin

As if the ceramic was made of paper. The tiled stove of the Direktorenhaus in Berlin, adorned in crumpled paper.


The Direktorenhaus in Berlin is an exhibition space with a very special aura. A cultural think-tank, where the works of young artists reflect the Zeitgeist, trigger political debates and exude unexpected synergies. The perfect place for a new ceramic discovery.

The special exhibit is situated on the 2nd floor of the museum. A tiled stove, adorned with a ceramic shell with a certain dimensionality which puts visitors in mind of a crumpled sheet of paper: CRUMPLED PAPER. To fold the ceramic, as it were, designer Kai Linke spent a year collaborating with our manufacturing team to develop this inspiring DIN format tile. The permanent process of creative and manual crafting cooperation produced a ceramic eyecatcher which has been presented to the public at the art and culture center in Berlin since 2012.