Lindley Lindenberg Hotel

An extraordinary wall ceramic, created for an extraordinary hotel.


Interior architecture is identity. And there’s plenty of that in the new Lindley Lindenberg in Frankfurt. An interplay of color, material and interior design which is rich in contrast and yet well balanced, with a certain urge towards progressivity which is typical of ABERJA.

With LIN 17, Juliane Maier and Robin Heather show courage and use the design method of ceramic wall covering. Stove bodies and walls of ceramic break up the light, and add structure and authenticity. The installation doesn’t seem forced, it seems lively, supported by the freedom of the joints and the varied laying patterns. True to the ceramic motto, ceramic back to the wall, over 80,000 LIN 17 tiles were used in the walls in the shower and sanitary areas, on bed headboards and in communal kitchen areas, as well as a decorative design element in the public areas of the hotel.

All eight of the LIN 17 glazes were developed especially for the project, and were created following the famous Dutch Delft tiles. Fine nuances and hard contrasts are the expression of a sorely desired color pendantism which the designers in the Lindley capture in diverse and often surprising ways.