Kornberghaus, tiled stove, Selb

Home is a status symbol for us Fichtelgebirglers. It therefore goes without saying that we wanted to contribute a very special stove ceramic to the room design for the prestigious Kornberghaus project.


At the end of 2021, on the summit of the Kornberg in Selb, only a stone’s throw (about 15 km) away from our factory, a new architectural landmark was created which is experiencing its second spring with an extensive renovation: the Kornberghaus, formerly the Kornberghütte. Here, in consultation with the Marktredwitz architectural firm Kuchenreuther, we were commissioned with providing the stove ceramics for the imposing tiled stove cube in the entrance hall of the restaurant/bike rental.

The stove is tiled with faces wall ceramics from our Rauteblau series – a particularly multidimensional-looking ceramic tile which produces an exciting play of reflections and moods in every kind of daylight. For this, the design, glaze and surface of the Rauteblau had to fit in optimally with the purist interior. The long wooden counters, a visible large steel girder, cold wall colors and modern stone tiles are almost crying out for the warmth and comfort of a stove, which is at the same time also a very welcome addition for the up to 100 visitors of the multifunctional house. The ceramic is a little restrained visually, has a special tactile effect and underlines the stylish spatial feel of the room from every perspective. Accordingly, we deliberately chose Graphite gray glossy 57, a glaze which fits in perfectly with the sophisticated alpine chic and rural architectural style of the Kornberghaus.