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ceramic Moods By
Julia Aulenbacher.

Rooms must always tell a story, evoke emotions, radiate personality.

She specializes in interior design for high-end private and commercial buildings. Julia Aulenbacher, born in Frankfurt, focuses on spaciousness and dimensionality which is aimed specifically at the client, their character and their lifestyle. She uses select materials and objects to create rooms which invite spontaneous dialog. Ceramics often play a key role here. Warm colors in combination with soft feels and textiles. Everything is elegant, grounded and harmonious.

Julia Aulenbacher Interiors
Julia Aulenbacher
Mendelsohnstraße 58
60325 Frankfurt am Main

SOAP honey, glossy
Fold ivory, matt

For me, ceramic has something very personal about it. Every tile is unique, just like my clients. It inspires me to bring the two together. To pick out what belongs together.

Julia Aulenbacher

Ceramic moods

The origin of every production. Mood boards from famous designers with our ceramics.

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