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by Kai Linke

How a crumpled sheet of paper can become a ceramic eyecatcher.

It shapes walls as if they were made of paper. Irregular in structure, with no direction or pattern. This is the surprising something that designer Kai Linke allowed to inspire the development of CRUMPLED PAPER paper ceramics. The interplay of the multidimensional surface and DIN A format astonishes and opens up walls and commercial projects to a completely new dimension.


The rediscovery of a discarded idea.

During the design process, you come up with countless ideas. Most of them never see the light of day and are carelessly tossed to one side or crumpled up. If you pick it up again, smooth out the crumpled paper – you try to follow up on these old thoughts. The metamorphosis of a sheet of paper into a wall tile is surprising at first. But folds, hills, valleys and grooves refer to the creative process and the nature of ceramics.


A tile for every construction situation.

CRUMPLED PAPER is one of the few ceramic tiles which can be constructed upon the DIN format. Just like a sheet of paper, the laying pattern can be implemented from DIN A6 to DIN A3. The formats build upon each other. It’s just as easy to cater to the conditions of a particular architecture by combining different sizes.


Across the whole surface, grouped together or as an accent.

Each CRUMPLED PAPER speaks for itself with its fascinating, hand-made surface. When grouped with several tiles, the free pattern vanishes and you can see a new overall appearance.


A wild tile like this can of course have a bit of color. Just the glaze that suits your project.

Choose your favorites from 30 high-quality faces glazes. Or give our CRUMPLED PAPER a unique look with a color design developed just for you..


“When developing this ceramic, its’ good to recognize how modern design and traditional craftwork continues to develop though experience, design and technology.”

Kai Linke

A stove for the Direktorenhaus in Berlin

We believe that one of Europe’s cultural flagships has earned a ceramic eyecatcher. A tiled stove with CRUMPLED PAPER.

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