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Any connection is possible. Technical solutions with faces.

Mount anything you like: Plug sockets, switches, tapware.

You plan and build, our ceramics adapt. Together with our faces designers, we have developed a system with which connections can be flexibly and attractively installed in multidimensional faces ceramic surfaces. No matter where, how big or in what shape. An individually produced, flat connecting plate is the solution.

Completely flexible

Place your connection where you need it.

Your electrician or plumber lays the lines to the desired position, the tiler saws the tiles for the installation opening and attaches the ceramics to the wall. We then produce a precisely fitting connecting plate, which is very easy to glue into the intended installation opening, and onto which everything can be mounted in an elegant and aesthetically pleasing way.

Plug socket faceplates, tapware, sanitary equipment – whether it be in the living room, bathroom or your kitchen.

Plates and interior cutouts in any size and shape

Round, cornered or oval, and individually dimensioned.

For every faces series

Our plates are produced for all faces models. From RAUTEBLAU to SOAP.

For everything that goes on the wall

From sanitary equipment, shower armatures, smart-home controls to switch and socket combinations.


In exactly the faces glaze you want, of course.

Each plate can be individually glazed in exactly the color of your faces wall ceramics. For dry areas or as a wet room glaze. Custom colors and color developments are also no problem.

Corner elements

Corners that are all of a piece, for every faces series! Our overglazed corner elements provide smooth transitions, niches and corners in wet rooms and living areas. Optionally convex or concave, rounded, or with a hard edge. Different angulations are also possible.

Ceramic edgings

Would you like to have a design object, e.g. a round mirror, embedded, either flush or recessed, in your ceramic wall? In a size or radius of your choice? Good! We will produce exactly the tiles you need. Upon request, these can be round with a modern overglazed edge.

Start project now

Do you need expert advice first or would you like to start with the planning straightaway? We’re happy to help!

faces samples

Do you need a sample of your faces tile in a glaze of your choice, suitable for wet rooms?