Stumhofer Chiemsee bakery

A ceramic shop counter for an established and family-run traditional bakery.


The Stumhofer bakery has been making matchless family history at the Bavarian Sea since 1792. You don’t just come here for the bread, you also experience the tradition, experience and passion for true artisan baking. Just the right place for a shop counter made from durable, high-quality SET ceramic.

As part of the comprehensive renovation work, the Munich-based design studio meierei designed the new interior of the Chiemsee bakery. Almost a little Dolce Vita, with the products as a clear guiding theme and the omnipresent shop counter as the centerpiece. Its shape is similar to a long praline in which the hand baked treats are presented. For the counter front, in total over 350 SET wall tiles were laid in a cross arrangement. With a wide range of patterns to immerse the surface in structure and life. When the shop is open, the counter takes a back seat. Once there are no more products in the display, the tiles take over the limelight and give the customers a little taste of what awaits them the next day. Just like the motto: “This is how bread tastes.”