Schlotzeria, Grenzach-Wyhlen

Delicious design. A special ice-cream parlor with an ice-cream-cone-colored ceramic temptation.


The Schlotzeria in idyllic Grenzach is anything but a normal ice cream parlor. It was founded by the gourmet family Wiedmer, with Rainer P. Wiedmer and Michelin-starred chef Nicolai Wiedmer, who were once again able to take a place in the culinary Olympus of the Michelin Guide with their Restaurant Eckert in 2022.

Here, ice cream is celebrated and turned into an experience. An impressive mélange of cafe, ice cream parlor and hotel that sets the bar very high with its own ice-cream laboratory in the basement of the little villa. Varieties like Aperol spritz and lemon-basil bear witness to the love of experimentation and passion for a new form of ice-cream culture that has been flourishing in Grenzach in Baden-Württemberg since 2021.

Ice cream with style: the high culinary standard blends with the interior design of none other than product designer Sebastian Herkner, who dress up the Schlotzeria in 1,500 ceramic diamonds. Developed entirely in-house with geometrical clarity and minimalist chic. All the wall tiles were painstakingly produced for the customer by hand, in close coordination with the designer. The ice-cream-cone-colored glaze is also unique and fits in perfectly with the Schlotzeria’s stylish flair, which melts the hearts of visitors as they enter.