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ceramic Moods by
Kai Linke.

Courage to experiment, passion for materiality. Ceramics as a firm point of reference.

Kai Linke celebrates symbiosis. A particular interplay between natural materials, tangible emotions and this oh so characteristic subtlety which is inherent in his works and designs. Everything is simple and designed on the basis of absolute reduction. The ceramics find the accent, draw the eye, without being too dominant in the process.

Studio Kai Linke
Kai Linke
Dreikönigstrasse 35
60594 Frankfurt am Main

FOLD English green, glossy; nymphea, glossy
Crumpled Paper red, glossy; mouse gray, matt
SOAP flat Tuscany red, glossy

Ceramic is a status symbol that knows no status. It has a latent effect, sparks a lively interplay between light and shade.

Kai Linke

Ceramic moods

The origin of every production. Mood boards from famous designers with our ceramics.

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