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ceramic Moods By
Steffen Eberhardt.

From vinyl to ceramics – an energetic balance and love of detail.

Steffen Eberhardt is an object designer with roots in the craft of carpentry. This passion and his feel for materials, colors and textures are a recurring theme in his designs for interiors and furniture. Clear lines bursting with energy create a balance of colors and proportions. Ceramics provide the appropriate accent for the hip retro-chic of the vinyl.

Eberhardt Objects
Steffen Eberhardt
Jahnstraße 60-62
60318 Frankfurt am Main

SOAP English green, glossy
SOAP flat red, glossy; coffee brown, glossy; mouse gray, matt; Hague blue, glossy

The challenge lies in creating art which is not only functional, but also custom-made.

Steffen Eberhardt

Ceramic moods

The origin of every production. Mood boards from famous designers with our ceramics.

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