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Our passion for ceramic craftwork is something we were born with, in a way. Since the business was founded by our father, Helmut Kaufmann in 1969, everything here revolves around this fascinating material.


We create hand-made unique pieces.
And we take our time to do so. Every movement is deliberate and full of dedication.

Everything starts with a spark. A vision that still feeds into our ceramics ideas today: the passion and enthusiasm for genuine ceramic craftwork. We certainly don’t make it easy for ourselves; quite the opposite. It takes a great deal of responsibility, patience and important decisions to follow the path of family-run manufacturing. To produce quality by hand, and create true values without using automation.


„We never ask ourselves
whether it’s worth it.
Of course it is.“

Gabriele Kaufmann

For everyone who knows and appreciates hand-made quality. And for those who care about where their ceramics are produced.

Every single one of our stove and wall ceramics is hand-made for you. With radiance and a unique personality that no machine in the world can reproduce. In a place we call our home. From people who learned and perfected their craft here with enthusiasm.


The Kaufmann principle.
Everything is possible if you have a plan.

Our ceramics are versatile and coordinated with each other: Tiles, backrests, wall coverings, ledges, frames, room partitions. Everything can be combined and is poured as one piece.

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