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THE ORNAMENT TILE – SET by Sebastian Herkner.

One tile, many faces. Endless design possibilities.

It allows the dialog between the designer and the manufacturer to continue. In a way, it’s an extension in terms of shape diversity. With SET Sebastian Herkner developed an ornament tile which has diverse geometric patterns and shapes which, in turn, inspire new creative designs. A SET full of ceramic possibilities for walls, fireplaces, stoves and buildings.


Straight waves.

The approach here was various square tiles with fine waves which are arranged differently to create a vast number of graphics and progressions. The small protrusions break up the light, and alter the design based on the ambience and level of daylight. Everything is harmonious and well balanced. Focusing on geometrical expression which finds its counterpart in the enamel of the glaze.

Thanks to the different tile types, you can delight in walls featuring streamlined wave progressions, structured stripes or geometric ornaments which reveal their full effect with the smooth SET tiles. A little bit different in every ambience, and even more personalized thanks to the 30 faces glazes.

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