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When a good idea encounters passionate craftwork, true individuality is formed.

PAS, this is French and has so much meaning, like footprints in the snow. As is often the case, the development of this hand-made wall tile has a very special history. And even more. This ceramic is a work of art in two respects. In the end, it bears both the signature of designer Sebastian Herkner, and that of the master craftsman who artfully pulled the embossing tool across the wet clay. The result: a real unique ceramic piece with an incomparable hand-rolled structure.


A rolling pin was the initial spark.

Everything started in Marrakech. To be more precise, with a rolling pin that Sebastian Herkner had brought with him from one of his Morocco holidays for a different purpose. Today, this slightly modified rolling tool leaves a trace in the wet clay. Unique, depending on the pressure and angle of inclination. This is by far the most elaborate tile that we at Kaufmann have ever produced.


Practically free in terms of format and arrangement.

Its personality calls for variety and staging. Whether in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or on system stoves. Combine the PAS vertically or horizontally. Play with the free format with sizes from 25 to 100 cm. Or design them with color and a selection of 30 great faces glazes.

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