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Traditional craftmanship, beauty and perfection

The high quality of our stove tiles is the result of long lasting experience, accurate craftsmanship and constant technical innovation.

“Perfection is no luxury for us, it’s our self-imposed stove ceramic standard. Precision and accuracy from the selection of raw materials to the final examination. We are a medium-sized family business in the second generation and manufacture high-quality ceramics for your tiled stove. This gives us a special responsibility, which is reflected in our company in many ways.

Our philosophy: Simply being the best! Precisely because each of our production step is genuine manual work. That’s the reason, why we set a high value on state-of-the-art equipment at all workstations. As a matter of course and in order to fall back on enough specialized personnel in the future, we train our employees ourselves in every area. Our Location is Rehau in Upper Franconia. From here we supply Germany, large parts of Europe and even overseas. Kaufmann Ceramics products can be found in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland, Russia and Canada.“

PF 03

FOLD Keramik in Glasur 457 nymphea glänzend


The discovery of the smart stove.


Feels good

Softedge 2

Green is the color of love

Softedge 1

Next Generation

Fold 2

Blazing red combined with medium gray

Fold 1

Form tiles combusting chamber stove bench


This basic furnace was upgraded by a large scale back rest with the texture „Feeling“ and the cornice profile „Marylin“


The tile design plays with the embossing of canisters. That is also because of the surface texture „Kanister“


Stand alone circular furnace which impresses with its original, dynamical joint arrangement.


Large scale architecture ceramic designed with the texture „Novella“. The stove bench is 130 cm wide.


The stove is determined by texture ceramic „Novella“. The wall cladding simultaneous reflects the combustion ceramic and split logs.


Chair ovens are still popular today. In this case, the cooking and roast technique are custom-made.


Double textured ceramics. The tiled stove designed with the „Parallel“ series and the wall cladding is built up of „Brama“ tiles.


The appearance of this tiled stove is characterized by large scale architecture ceramic with the „Novella“ texture.


Dominated by clean large scale tiles in convex and concave format accompanied by a cuddly back rest.


The inspiration for the tile „Marylin“ has been the folded skirt of Marilyn Monroe.

Saas Fee

This tiled stove design is determined by the large scale texture ceramic „Feeling“


Traditional „Spiral Tile“ meets large scale architecture ceramic – Texture „Feeling“


The furnace with ceramic niches and a back rest with rounded edges is characterized by the tile design „Frame“.


The Nordic crown in rectangular style. Here as well characterized by the clean classical Scandinavian Design with the crown.


This tiled stove integrates a ceramic niche. The tile design „Frame“ provides rounded edges in combination with a large scale fire table.


Literally an slow-burning stove and a real classic: the „Spiral Tile“ in combination with an reinterpreted heating technology: fire tube b-master


The reinterpretation of the classical rectangular tower oven. The ceramic is part of the „Nordic Crown“ series


This tiled stove is characterized by the „Turbin“ tile. A perfect match to the innovative heating technology: fire tube b-master


This tiled stove is characterized by the format of 60 x 30 cm.


A simply classical, straight-line, stand alone tiled stove with matching cornice profile.


This tiled stove captivates with its ceramic back rest made of traditional tiles in combination with large scale corner pilaster strips.


Modern corner fireplace, which is defined by a combination of the structural tile „Novella“ and clean large scale ceramic.


With its elegant rounded edges, this upright format tiled stove is rightfully called „Softedge“.


A thrilling tile combination of the textured „parallel“ tile and clean large scale ceramic.


The awarded „Turbin“ ceramic shows it typical and unique play of light and shadow. The back rest is created with heating ceramics.


A tiled stove with heating ceramic back rest. The perfect combination of plater and ceramic.


This tile stove is characterized by the combination of to tile designs: „Polinea“ and „Frame“


With the tile „Frame“ this modern tiled stove was designed with ceramic niches and rounded edges.


Format is a designer tile by Sebastian Herkner. The different format sizes of the tiles are vertically and horizontally combinable.


A combination of the traditional „spiral tile“ with the modern „frame“ tile.


An iconic tiled stove with modern statement, which can be put in an appearance in every ambience


Traditional tiled stove with modern bench which back rest is made of heating ceramics.


Large scale ceramic with „feeling“ texture as eye-catching design element


Modern ceramic design with soft edges and selvedges. Characteristic for its iconic shadow gap.


Tradition and state-of-the-art large scale ceramics emerge into symbiosis. A basic stove with a high thermal mass.


The classic tiled stove in original Scandinavian Design. Characteristic for its artfully and filigree designed „crown“

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