Play of lights
& riot of colors

Glazes and textures

With more than 100 colors and textures, there are countless combination options available.

All glazes, textures and surfaces from the Kaufmann Glaze-Collection at a glance. By the way, the largest of the entire tiled stove industry. Besides, there is the option to order your individual colors as a special request. We are happy to provide you suitable glaze / surface samples upon your request.

0010 brilliant white
1780 ivory
806 cashmere
P851 sunshine yellow
70 honey
P774 grass green
10 green
47 english green
457 nymphea
P198 mud gray
30 brown
3360 coffee brown
300 black
499 dark purple
61 cobalt blue
645 hague blue
P420 lavender
P490 cobalt
461 smoke blue
3330 titanium gray
57 graphit gray
3015 pink
302 tabasco
247 tuscany red
371 bordeaux
303 red
495 white
106 ivory
P240 light gray
P920 mouse gray
P923 stone gray
P925 graphite
260 anthracite
301 black
P631 port wine
233 brick red
8341 cotta-crete
234 cyenne
2097 nymphea
P735 pastell green
V022 savanna
P980 grain yellow
Matt with gloss splashes
2310 dun horse
2210 whey
2190 quince
2240 papaya
2340 crimson
3260 nougat
2270 chocolat
2330 manganese
0580 antique beige
0230 antique brown
0800 antique green
0740 antique blue
6495 savanna bright
6106 bast
6120 sisal
6440 savanna medium
6464 savanna dark
6494 fossil
6260 lava
6301 caviar
6433 turf
0420 champagne
1450 birch
1460 cedar
0920 mocha
1410 cherry red
995 sesame
934 autumn leaves
540 tuscany brown
580 cuban brown
960 slate gray dark
994 slate gray
0770 verona brown
1320 caramel
5250 topaz
5210 sandstone
5240 ocher
5290 garnet
5270 flint
140 chopper
1260 salvia
2180 fern
25 fir-tree green
200 blue
595 luster iris
texture bast
4106 papyrus texture bast
4580 arabica texture bast
4301 ebony texture bast
4160 coco texture bast
4260 granite texture bast
4404 reed texture bast
texture stone
4106 papyrus texture stone
4580 arabica texture stone
4301 ebony texture stone

The whole world of ceramics

Why we ceramists speak of colors and surfaces rather than colors and patterns.

Of course, we as ceramists maintain our gobbledygook like every other profession. The glaze is used for surface refinement and not just for “”coloring”” ceramic products such as earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. In contrast to the crystalline and porous base material, it provides a glassy, closed surface layer.

Glazes are applied to improve aesthetic effects (color and effect glazes) or improve mechanical and electrical characteristics. Bit by bit, the surface of tiles are usually designed by hand. Each one unique. There are as good as no limits to creativity and craftsmanship. The surfaces receive a three-dimensional transformation with an according plurality of effects: light and shadow, gloss and matt, removing and building up and and and.

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