The way the decor of a cider wine glass has become the „Franfurt Tile“ and hence the tile name RAUTEBLAU. Studio ABERJA has created a really extraordinary ambience with the „Bonechina“ bar: on the menu, a fine selection of cocktails, if necessary, the tonic water can be taped from the large origami ceramic elephant, which dominates the centre of the room. The walls are covered by diamond-shaped, blue-anthracite-coloured tiles, which reflect the light of the small ceiling spotlights. They are custom made by Kaufmann Ceramics and should be referred to the pattern of typical apple wine glasses in this region, says architect Robin Heather, Studio ABERJA. Consequently, this masterpiece was named “Frankfurt tile”. It consists of inclined, symmetrical and asymmetrical surfaces and its function as a wall covering should remind of the skin of an elephant.

Glaze: blue
Dimensions: 14,5 x 21,7 cm

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