How a new collection is launched in a ceramic manufactory.

01. Dec 2018

The vision is the mother of creative ability. And this is the engine of all following processes.

The situation of a ceramic manufactory is always closely linked to the circumstances of its principal customers, i. e. its key customers. These are the tiled stove manufacturers in almost all of Europe. For some time now, this craft has been exploring new needs, requirements and trends, evaluating them and finding and giving answers to them. For example, new materials and processing possibilities were added. The functions and thus the design of tiled stoves, firesides and similar fireplaces have changed step by step.
We have been observing these developments for quite some time, „have made a rhyme out of them” and try not only to re-act but to actively-act. We know about our chances because we know our resources and possibilities and our spirit. We use our skills primarily to enrich the new circumstances and market conditions as much as possible with new products such as the “FACES, wall tile collection”. It’s part of the campaign. In the next step, we will show new, surprising ways in which the FACES theme can make its contribution to giving new impetus to the field of “contemporary heating and warming”. So, everything in its time and step by step.

See you soon – we’ll stay in touch!

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