Kaufmann Ceramics awarded in Poland

27. Apr 2018

For the thirteenth time this year, the editorial team of Świat Kominków awarded the “Flame of the Year” prize to the best products, companies and events in the fireplace industry.
Among the winners this year were us, the company Kaufmann Keramik. We were awarded at a gala in January on the occasion of the international fireplace fair “KAMINE” in Poznan. In the category: Product of the year — design, style, aesthetics. The jury’s statement referred to our tile series “FOLD”. Design by Kai Linke. The thoughts of the price givers: “(. . .) A new view on the tile. The folds resemble folded paper. Modern “system furnaces” are created as a set or in combination, for example, with Brunner “KFR” box-room furnaces. Kaufmann calls this innovation “designer stoves”. The Designer tiled stove collection currently comprises ten models which are created from eight different tile series.

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