Designer Kachelofen Fold2 Kaufmann Keramik

„FOLD“, views of a designer

23. Mar 2018

Designer Kai Linke says of himself that he seeks manual dialogue, interaction with the material. This defines the identity of his work. An exemplary example of this is the FOLD tile series, exclusively designed for the cooperation with Kaufmann Keramik. A stroke of luck, a vital impulse for the stove tile, one might think. The tile has a theme. That’s folding paper. Or perhaps the fold at all — inspires because Linke models or folds his designs by hand out of cardboard, e. g. for a group of animals. The FOLD tile design is also reminiscent of folded paper. Here, the fold in the ceramic material.
In the FOLD system furnace, the furnace body stands on four strong cast iron feet. Also the simple stove bench is made of brushed and oiled oak wood. Ideal to sit on, to unfold a newspaper comfortably. This creates a unity. That is tiled stove coziness today — almost like “back then”.

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