FACES, the second face of Kaufmann

18. Sep 2018

New at Kaufmann Keramik: The “wall tile collection”. Creations for surface design by creatives.

Ceramics have always fascinated designers. It has always been the material of the creative mind, leading to ideas, experiments and concrete designs and products. But we wanted to know it exactly and above all, in the practical implementation. What happens when you encourage designers and our ceramic manufactory to work together? Project idea: We at Kaufmann contribute our competence, “the perfect handling of ceramics”, the designers their profession, “from the idea to the design to the partnership accompaniment of the manufacturing process, to the market-ready product”.
Our goal — a product family that is primarily dedicated to the design and cladding of walls, columns, niches — anyhow surfaces. A few “guiding principles” to that: The ceramic should show everything it can do! The material, with all its outstanding properties, the three-dimensional design with its unlimited possibilities, the colours, i. e. glazes and surfaces, and last but not least the combination of formats and shapes, which can be combined to harmonious overall images. The result is six designs, six designer series which we have included in our overall program under “FACES, wall tile collection”.
Our new collection was first summarized here on the homepage and in an extensive brochure, accompanied by “technical and price information, both directly available as PDF downloads.

The consultation and distribution of FACES is currently still carried out directly by us. Please direct inquiries to: service@kaufmann-keramik.de

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