Designers create ceramic walls / Part 1

28. Nov 2018

From chaos with system to precision. Good craft begins in the mind. Form there over many production steps, 8always) mostly over paper sketches to the modeller. They work with ingenious tricks and gimmicks until they know what the designer expects from them, then they hand it to the further processing, somehow. The better designers, modellers and the ceramic team understand each other, the more individual and perfect will be the success of their project. Ideas are bubbling over. It is tested, scraped, envisaged and then, suddenly, the common way is found. That Is how experience emerges from many creative processes to precision and vice versa.

Sebastian Herkner designed the new tiles collection „SOAP“ exclusively for Kaufmann Ceramics. The starting point for this was „das Haus“ at the IMM COLOGNE, in 2016, at that time still made of real soap material. After the big public interest, Herkner developed the ceramic tile SOAP together with us.


While being on vacation, Sebastian Herkner bought a tool on the market in Marakesch, actually for another purpose. Now we use it to impress a pattern in the damp clay mass.The approach was a simple and geometric collection of tiles for modern interiors with a certain note of individuality. Practically all colors and sizes are possible. Each tile is unique.


The tile FORMAT takes the classic tile back into the present. The system designed by Sebastian Herkner abstracts its form and reduces it to a surface with a finely rounded, circumferential frame. The association creates one aesthetics that emphasize the horizontal-vertical grid and reminiscent of clinker structures. The mixed composite add up to a simple, straight-forward, architectonic forms for contemporary areas and rooms.

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