What the collaboration between designers and craftsmen „feels like" in a ceramic manufactory

19. Sep 2018

For us, the most exciting aspect of this work was the dialogue between so-called “nutty designers” and “handsome craftsmen”.

Not only paper, also ceramics is patient. What should a ceramist do when he is confronted with the idea of folding ceramics as if it were paper? Or to model tiles as if they were a spine of a book. But first things first:
Kai Linke, that’s the name of the designer, who is already known for his extraordinary designs — we’ve been working with him since we have met Linke at the „Direktorenhaus Museum für Kunst, Handwerk und Design“ in Berlin. His joint work with us, “CRUMPLED PAPER”, was awarded a prize.
This “wrinkled paper tile” has already challenged us a little, or to be honest a little bit annoyed. But what won’t you do for a really good idea! And we also love this kind of challenges. We are not avoiding them — no, we are looking for them. . . In order to make such weird ideas become reality, a process is needed that allows for the balancing act between “impossible” and “now more than ever”. The chemistry between the designer and the craftsmen must be more than just right. It takes empathy in a proper overdose.
But what is even more important is that this constellation has been functioning harmoniously for years and is constantly being re-inspired. Like now for example — because now the stove tile also became a (wall) surface tile. Take a look and read in our “FACES, wall tile collection”.

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