The Kaufmann Ceramics manufactory

At the beginning, ceramic is patient and supple. It could be shaped, structured and colored to almost anything. After it’s burned, it shows its enduring and stable side. The result: a tiled stove with style and character.

“The Kaufmann Keramik GmbH. Our family business was founded at the end of the sixties. Previous brand essence: Designing and manufacturing of tiles for stoves and other heating- and fireplaces. These are the Kaufmann classics.

Since we have liked to try something new again and again, without blustering about „innovation“ immediately, we have consequently expanded our portfolio. Today, tables, stools, and other facilities, as well as wall areas and room objects are made of ceramics and creatively created with designers.

A consequent thought-out process down to the last detail. Piece by piece handmade. By the way, there is still plenty of room for more ideas. Suggestions of any kind are highly appreciated! Products made of the natural material ceramic require special acquirements. An unique feature is, that all work steps can be performed by ourselves in our manufactory, which is specially aligned to this material. That’s why even the most special challenges are not only mastered but also even loved. Typical family business, one would like to think. “


1969 – The Americans have landed on the moon and at the same time the dream of a young man has come true – Helmut Kaufmann started his own business. Firmly convinced that he has everything what it takes. As a modeler: widespread apprenticeship, joy of design, creativity and the feeling for form and materials. As an entrepreneur: ability, knowledge and desire. He also has big ambitions. He wants the best quality through the best means of production and production methods for his products. And even if he has to reinvent and build them by himself. “What you do, you should do right”. Consequentially, one can thereby achieve the best price / performance ratio on the market. On the whole – Helmut Kaufmann has also accomplished a wonderful precision landing.

1969 to…


The high quality of our ceramic products has been the result of decades of experience, accurate craftsmanship and constant technical innovation. Today, perfection is no luxury for us, it’s our self-imposed standard. Precision and accuracy from the raw materials to the final examination. Due to the fact that we are and always will be a medium-sized family-owned enterprise, we have a growing responsibility – our motto: Simply being the best! Precisely because each of our production step is genuine manual work, we set a high value on state-of-the-art equipment at all workstations.



What drives us: Drawing the line between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Designed and manufactured manually together with designers of exciting contemporary design. Since the beginning of every epoch ceramic has been patient and supple. It can be molded, structured and colored however you wish. And after being burned it shows its enduring and stable side. Actually, ceramic doesn’t know yesterday, today or tomorrow. Ceramic has been and always will be up-to-date and contemporary. Ceramic manufactured by Kaufmann will always be technically perfect. Always unique and a living evidence for traditional craftsmanship as being a part of our lives nowadays and, more than ever, tomorrow.

2019 to…

Manufacturing process

Plastering the negative form – applying the mold release agent
Preparing the plaster cast of the master pattern
Casting the compound into the mold
Forming the raw tile
Texturing the leather hard tile blank
Grinding of the „FORMAT“-Tile to-the-sixteenth-inch – this production step is a speciality of Kaufmann Ceramics and is only executed there.
Preparing of a tile for glaze application.
Applying glaze with spray pistol.
The „black box“ – as the center of creativity – is an exhibition and workshop space.
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