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Ceramics for designer

Our vision is based on the idea that good design is the key to everything we create, manufacture and sell.

For us, ceramics is the most wonderful design element. Creativity with ceramics. Ceramics for the creative. Ceramic as material is almost as old as human civilization. Reams of craftsmen have dealt and deal with it. By now, we are taking it one step further. Kaufmann Ceramics products should be upgraded with good design by artists and designers so that it fulfills even the most demanding criteria in this regard.


What Kaufmann is able to do

Listening, looking – to feel empathy with projects and associated wishes and situations of our project partners. Offering a creative atmosphere to enable and to put into practice the best possible in common interest. Allowing a fair possible business success, a win-win situation.

  • There are almost no limits in modeling or mold making (casually speaking: we are looking forward to every challenge!)
  • We are able to manufacture format sizes in the casting with material thickness form 1 cm to 100 cm, lengths from 1 cm to 120 cm and widths up to 90 cm.
  • Serienprodukte können wir je nach Objektform auch extrudieren (ziehen)
  • Depending on the object shape, we are able to extrude repetition parts. We are able to burn weatherproof (climate-resistant) ceramics for outdoor use.
  • We are offering over 80 basic glazes beside any color option on demand. We are able to create experimental and innovative textures and surfaces (we would love to!) together with designers.


Designer und Keramik Keramikdesign Design Kachelöfen


First approach through sketches and studies for various projects
Designer und Keramik Keramikdesign Design Kachelöfen

#HASH Tile

From sketch to 3D model
Designer und Keramik Keramikdesign Design Kachelöfen


First 3D screen visualization
Designer und Keramik Keramikdesign Design Kachelöfen

Glazes and surfaces

Selection and definition of colors or glazes and surface textures
Designer und Keramik Keramikdesign Design Kachelöfen


How is structure applied to the material and tiles respectively?
Designer und Keramik Keramikdesign Design Kachelöfen

Design piece

FOLD tile by Kai Linke. From the wood pattern to the first ceramic sample.

We imagine ceramic design as a process

Our big goal is to enthuse designers and shaper by fulfilling their visions and criteria step by step with a creative atmosphere and perfect working conditions.

The natural ceramic material is an illustrate example for the course of action of designing. After the phase of designing follows the manual interaction with the ceramic mass.

The more the design succeeds in combing the aspects of function and form, the more the product contributes to the quality of life. We work to ensure that Kaufmann stands for good design in the fields of thermal, object and home ceramics. Or maybe even for „things“ which we can’t even imagine today?! In the first place, ceramics satisfy all criteria of good design – and secondly, Kaufmann as partner in developing and manufacturing satisfy all imaginable requirements for creative, innovative shaper and designer.

Ceramic freedom

We accompany you on an expedition in the creative world of ceramic design

For example, furnitures

We think of table plates, side tables, shelves, pedestals made of ceramic and everything counted among furniture.

For example, lamps

We think of pendant lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and table lamps but as well as candleholder and oil lamps.

For example, accessories

We think of bowls, sculptures, containers, creative objects and every figment of the imagination for outdoors and indoors.

Individual ceramic solutions

We invite every designer and shaper to contact us.

Let’s talk about your ideas. Describe you project, what are your requirements and how can Kaufmann support you?

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