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For 55 years, always on the lookout for something special.

What began 55 years ago with a fixed idea from our father has now developed into a real success story. And we never tire of continuing to be creative for you.

Even if times and people change, our enthusiasm for something special always remains the same. We are and will remain a committed family-run manufactory, always a little crazy and creative. Proud of what we have achieved. But also courageous to think outside the box.


„We would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us on our journey!“

We owe the fact that we have come this far to the support and creativity of many great people who have been at our side for over 55 years. First of all, there are our employees, who have often remained loyal to us for generations. Artists and designers who inspire us and give our ceramics a very special radiance. And of course you, our valued customers, who bring our unique pieces to where they belong with your projects. On your walls, stoves and objects.

We would like to thank you for your appreciation and look forward to everything that is to come!

Speaking of new ideas – how about the first ceramic free-form bench, for example, or wall cladding, which will soon be making a big splash.


Always where design lives.

We go to places that awaken our inspiration. Rethinking the boundaries of the possible and bringing our ceramics to life. Bringing us together with fascinating people and artists.